[wpc] Ephemeral

I swear, this is the first time I’m hearing (or reading??) the word ‘Ephemeral’. Maybe I do need to read English dictionary some more 😉

From my own perspective, I figured there are lots of things that I considered ‘ephemeral’; things that are lasting for only in short amount of time (with a footnote that the weight of the word ‘short’ might be different to every person).

We, human being, are the perfect example. Though you are blessed enough to be able to consume such a powerful elixir of youth (if spotted haha!), there’s no guaranty that your life will last long. Happiness and sadness are also two best example of ephemeral according to my mind’s dictionary; there’s never be a long lasting happiness nor sadness in our entire life. Those two come in a season. When one is fading away, the other come to replace. And it goes on and on and on….

Below are my pictures of ephemeral, taken just now with a very modest equipment. In my humble interpretation, the deep meaning of ephemeral is strongly attached to these representatives; the candle, the light, and the smoke.

EXIF DATA: 1/200 at f/8.0, ISO 8000
EXIF DATA: 1/200 at f/8.0, ISO 20000, with a pinch of color correction in LR 5




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  1. Ashley says:

    The smoke looks awesome! Great shots!

    1. Thank you Ashley for your sweet comment… 🙂

  2. Kendra S says:

    I especially like the last one with the smoke – lovely 🙂

    1. That’s my favorite pic, Kendra ^____^

  3. Gara says:

    Taking pictures with high ISO is surely a hard thing for me Mbak, but your photos here are flawless with no noise. Wow. What’s more, the colors are so vivid. Yes, I love these images :)).

    1. Bumping up the ISO is indeed resulting some noise in the picture, Gara… But I was willing to take the chance as long as I could photograph the smoke nicely. I was taking those pictures without some proper setup because I don’t have off-camera flash and reflector. The only things I was depending on while taking those pictures were my desk lamp and the ability of my camera to reach optimal ISO needed.
      So, yes, you’re right. Bumping up ISO will risk your image to have some noise, but in order to achieve desirable exposure, sometimes high ISO is the only option you can do…. 🙂

      Anyway, I agree with you about the color…. Looking at those images again made me regret that I foolishly did some color correction to the last picture 😦

      1. Gara says:

        Thank you for the explanation Mbak :hehe.
        I think there’s nothing wrong with the color :)).

  4. ichasyahfa says:

    Wow, brilliant! Great pictures and words. I agree, Mba, I think candle, the light and smoke represent the word ‘ephemeral’ very well 🙂

    1. Thank you Icha for your sweet compliment ^____^

  5. auuak says:

    Keren mbak gambarnya, oya baru denger juga mbak kata itu

    1. Ahhh makasiihhh…
      Toss kalo gitu yak… 😃

      1. auuak says:

        Ahhh samasamahhh..
        Toss 😀

  6. bebyrischka says:

    ISO 20000 tapi hampir ngga ada noise? Pasti kamera en lensanya super deh! 😛

    1. Ngga koq Bebyrischka… Bukan bermaksud utk humble, tp emang bener dijajarannya ini bukan termasuk kamera dan lensa yg super hehehe… Kyknya krn ada secondary lighting dari lampu bljr yg membantu meminimalisir noise… Klo cahaya yg masuk hny bergantung penuh pada ISO, disitu mungkin noise bakal bertebaran dmna2 hehehe…

      1. bebyrischka says:

        Wuuuu.. Sepertinya aku harus banyak belajar nih, Mbak. Hihihi.. 😀 Tapi beneran deh fotonya keyen! :3

      2. Aku jg msh belajar koq… Yuk belajar bersama 😄
        Ahh masa sih..?? Wahh makasih yaa 😊

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