I ponder a lot about what kind of reward that satisfies my mind and my soul; is it money…?? the profit I got from my business..?? the happy clients with their sweetest comments..?? or is it something more spiritual as in the answered prayers…??

I listed down several things that I favored a lot and, to some extent, deliver quite a meaningful gratitude as soon as I had it in hand… But nothing come close to the grateful feeling I have from these two things I present below… 

After a long driving in the midst of nowhere, stumbling upon an unknown place off the beaten path is, for me, a kinda reward I’m looking for during my traveling journey. It’s so satisfying that I think my vocabulary is limited to describe the feeling I have in heart. Of course I don’t always get a chance like that. So every time I stumbled upon one, it’s like I just hit a jackpot 😀

In moments like that, I love the phrase my husband used, “that’s God’s favor for BundaNayLa’s photography.” Hahaha… 🙂

An unknown spot, somewhere in Andalusia, near by Zahara de la Sierra.

Of course, above all else, being able to see the smile of my kiddos is my ultimate reward. Nothing can beat this satisfying reward. Having myself lived with the thought that I couldn’t get pregnant wasn’t easy at all. Therefore, no one can express the joy I had (and will always be having) when I finally can put these two precocious kiddos in my embrace, and see them smile ear to ear…

You both are really my best reward ever …. ^______^


A post to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

– Patricia –

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  1. Just Be V says:

    Lovely pictures, lovely kids!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

  2. Ryan says:

    Reward terbesar adalah melihat org di sekitar kita bahagia karena kita ya Mba.
    Cute banget sih anak2mu mba.

    1. Bener Ryan…. That’s indeed the greatest reward…
      Ahhh makasiihhh… Siapa dulu dong emaknya #gubraaaaakkkkkk 😀

      1. Ryan says:

        Hahahaha… lucuan anak2anya… *kabooor sebelum digeplak emaknya*

      2. Awaass yaaaa….. *ngejer sambil ngacungin sapu lidi* :p

      3. Ryan says:

        Ambil kemoceng. *siap bertanding – kok inget film Yoko yak*

      4. Ahhh maap yaa… Bibi Lung ga bisa silat #gubraaaakkkkk

      5. Ryan says:

        Huahahaha. Bibi Lung gak bs silat? Jd yang ngajar Yoko siapa dong? Li Mo Chou yak

      6. Pegimana dong… Bibi Lung yg disini bisanya cuma masak hahahaa.. 😜😜

      7. Ryan says:

        Kok ndak pernah post masakannya bibi?

      8. Abisnya golok buat motong bawang lagi dibawa si Thio Bu Ki… #imajinasiancur

      9. Ryan says:

        Wkwkwkwk. Jd inget obrolan sm tk ojek.

      10. Ryan says:

        Jangan percaya sama gadis cantik. Semakin cantik semakin bahaya.

      11. Bener… Terbukti Huang Rong lebih baik dibandingkan Ciu Ci Jiak *punten balik lagi ke wuxia hehe*

      12. Ryan says:

        Tapi Ciu Ci Jial cantik banget kan… Gimana dong.

      13. Jgn tertipuu hahahaa

      14. Ryan says:

        Kl jmn sekarang sih. Yang cantik nipu. Bisa aja cm krn make up ya.

        Ini bahas WPC jd silat trs soal cantik. Wkwk

      15. Bisa make up, bisa jg operasi kek di Korea hehehe… Ya anggaplah ini WPC as in Weekly Public Chitchat hahaha

      16. Ryan says:

        Hahahaha. Operasi di Korea? Itu ce apa co? Bukan masalah cantik gak lagi ini mah

  3. Gara says:

    What a magnificent panorama, and your kids are indeed, lovely!
    Baguuus. Kosakata saya juga rasanya tak ada yang cocok untuk menggambarkan keindahan itu :hehe.
    Great photos!

    1. Makasih Gara…. Yuk baca kamus lagi, biar bertambah kosakata kita hahahaa…. ^____^

      1. Gara says:

        *brb buka kamus* :hihi

  4. riemikan says:

    Your kids are adorable!!!

  5. They are such great rewards. Very nice pictures.

    1. Indeed, Ben Rowe…. Thank you for your nice comment…., and thanks for stopping by ….

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