[EF#7] Snap & Tell A Story

The last two weeks have passed so quickly. I almost decided to pass this week’s EF challenge due to my hustle bustle days at home as the kiddos are in their Voorjaarsvakantie‘s mode. However, theme for this week is like an energy-generator that pushes me to stay high-spirited. So I said to myself, “I can’t miss this!!!”

The reason why I’m so in the mood of doing this challenge is because I can hardly wait to introduce you the place where I happily called my home….

Photo-18-02-15-16-36-19I came in the Netherlands as a proud student, but a wife duty tied me here to settle down. And for almost 7 years and still counting, I live in a small city in the eastern part of the Netherlands, called Wijchen (The Dutch pronounce it “wihen”).

Wijchen is not big, therefore I’d rather call this city a village. Based on 2014 statistics, the total population of Wijchen is 40,956 people (source). In Wijchen, streets in most neighborhoods are numbered instead of named. This is not common practice in the Netherlands, therefore the street numbers are included in the house numbering. E.g. someone living in Abersland, 11th street, house #05 will usually use Abersland 1105 in his address (quoted from Wikipedia).

Windmolen (windmill) and Kasteel Wijchen are the famous landmarks of Wijchen. Yesterday I had to come to the city center especially to take some pictures of this castle. An interesting fact is that this city named after the name of its castle, not vice versa.


This city and I had a very brief affair in the Spring 2007 when my hubby and I did our prewedding photoshoot (so typical Asian haha!) in the courtyard of the castle and around the windmill. We immediately fell so in love with this city. So little that we knew, in about a year after that, fate brought us to become Wijchen’s residents 😀

Kasteel Wijchen is owned by city government, or we call it here Gemeente, and is mainly used for purposes like public events, exhibition, and wedding ceremony. Too bad we were not Wijchen’s residents by the time we got married. Otherwise, we could tie the knot inside this beautiful castle. Having a fairytale-y wedding, who would not want to…?? ^_____^


Note: All pictures displayed are snapped by mobilephotography, posted for English Friday Week 7. 

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  1. Ryan says:

    Beautiful Mba, especially the castle.

    Btw Mba, have you submit the link in the EF’s post?

    1. Thx Ryan.. The castle is indeed beautiful… And thx for reminding me.. I haven’t done that yet… I was so occupied this whole day…

      1. Ryan says:

        I’ve submit your link Mba, on behalf. Hope you’re not mad.

      2. Awhh Ryan thx for initiating that.. I owe you big time… ^______^

      3. Ryan says:

        That’s ok Mba. It is part of my admin’s job. Hahaha

  2. I always want to know how they maintain a castle surrounded by water. It must not be easy because water tends to destroy things.

    Thank you for introducing your little ‘village’ to us Patricia have a nice weekend!

    1. Please share on your blog, if later you find out how they do the maintenance… *it’s a request haha*

      It’s my pleasure mba Ailtje 😃

    2. Oh and have a nice weekend to you too… 😀

  3. winnymarch says:

    suka ama istananya kak

    1. Kayak di negeri dongeng ya Winny hehehe 😄

  4. denaldd says:

    Beautiful! hopefully someday I can visit Wijchen to see the Kasteel, and meet you, perhaps ^^. Have a great weekend!

    1. You are always welcomed to visit Wijchen Den… Just drop me a message 😃
      Fijne weekend ! 😄

  5. GloryGrant says:

    I always love the pictures you have posted mbak. It’s very nice. I wonder why Netherlands is full of unique buildings. 😀

    1. Awhh that’s so sweet of you, Grant…

      I think that’s because the Dutch like to maintain things… It’s like a hobby for them … Hehehe 😄

  6. Andik Taufiq says:

    stunning photographs… 🙂

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