[wpc] It’s all about Symmetry

When one mentioned the word symmetry, my mind directly goes to La Alhambra, a castle proud by the Moors, that is perched majestically on the top of the hill in Granada. Mosaics displayed in that castle contain symmetrical shapes and patterns that fascinate thousands of visitors every year.



Feeling obliged to provide this post with the newest picture, I decided to go out and have some snaps. This is another take of symmetrical image, taken last weekend during our day out:


This last picture was generally not meant to be for this challenge. But since the valentine’s spirit is still in the air, I post this picture anyway with the hope that your Valentine’s day was as ‘symmetrically’ lovely as ours 😉



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  1. Ryan says:

    Ahhh. Beautiful pictures. Especially the last one.
    I am still looking for the right picture for this week challenge

    1. I have no doubt on you… You have done a good job in interpreting the past difficult themes. So I know, this too, will be an easy peasy for you… 😄

      1. Ryan says:

        Still looking that suites this

  2. Andik Taufiq says:

    Keren foto-fotonya… komposisinya ciamik

    1. Makasih pak… Spirit-booster banget pujiannya hehehe…. 😀

  3. ichasyahfa says:

    Brilliant pictures!

    1. Thank you @ichasyahfa 😀

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