[EF#5] What is BEC to me?

Desi Anwar, a noted news anchor of a famous broadcasting network in Indonesia, once stated that one way to improve English proficiency is by using it daily and frequently. I was, —well, …still am actually–, so affected by that statement. Whenever possible, I always try to speak or to write or to sing *blushing* in English. However though, I’m no more surrounded by English-speaking people. Instead, lately I’m urged to speak in Netherlands. This, for me, is like a closing door to a chance of improving my skill in English-speaking. To deal with this shortcoming, my hubby and I made a pact to have an English Thursday where we must speak in English the entire day. But well, that didn’t last long. Our commitment for that pact were apparently questioned.

That is the reason why stumbling upon BEC made me jumping up with joy.

BEC for me is like a school to sharpen my proficiency in English; is like a guide book that I can always turn to whenever needed; is like a community centre where I can meet and greet friends, and make some conversations in English.

If you happen to read this blog and not yet a member of BEC, hurry to join BEC and start to write in English… Practice makes perfect ^______^

Keep calm and write in English,



BEC-EF#5 What is BEC to you.

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  1. GloryGrant says:

    Do you live in Netherlands?

    1. Btw Glory, thx a lot for following my blog. You just made my day… You are my 100th follower, apparently… *jumping up with joy* hahahaa… ^____^

      1. Ryan says:

        Wow. Grant is the 100th follower? Hmmm… Makan2.

      2. Makan2..?? Ditraktir Grant?? Ikuuuttt…. 😉

      3. Ryan says:

        Antara Grant dan mba Patricia deh. Sing penting gratis. Haha

      4. Hahahhaaa…. saya mau lhoo traktir… Asal tiket ke indo dibayarin wkwkwkkwk :p

      5. Ryan says:

        Duh…. *cari tiket murah dulu. Ke mana itu?*

      6. GloryGrant says:

        Yeay!! I’m the 100th. Woohoo!! 😀

  2. Andik Taufiq says:

    Desi Anwar reminds me about RCTI (early version)… 🙂

    1. Wasn’t it the most famous broadcasting network back then?? Haha..

      1. Ryan says:

        Which one is the famous one now? Is it the One? *melipir

      2. Hahahhaaa….. I don’t really follow all the news in Indonesia, but I heard quite amusing things about that One….

      3. Ryan says:

        Hahaha. Amusing not in term of good One, I believe?

      4. You believe it right hahahahaa…. ^____^

  3. shiq4 says:

    I am excited but my english is bad

    1. It’s okay…. Keep calm and speak on hehe…

  4. Ryan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us why you join BEC.

    Desi Anwar, with her bob-cutted hair, is awesome. I was amazed when she interviewed so many foreigner.

    1. I too am the big fan of her…. Her passion in traveling has made me adore her even more…. Is she still around, btw??

      1. Ryan says:

        Now… That, I don’t really know. I believe she is.

  5. Ami says:

    Nice to know you, Mbak Patricia :). Desi Anwar makes me amazed, too. She is very confident, despite being in front of a foreign country leader.

    1. Hi Ami, nice knowing you too…. Thx for visiting this blog.
      Well, if DA is an artist, I bet she has a fan club by now, and we’re one of its member haha…. Anw, say my warm hello to your cute li’l Danbo….. ^_____^

  6. Wow cool. Actually, i wanna join w/ BEC. But, still wait the best moment :).

    1. Don’t wait… Today is the best moment ‘coz tomorrow is owned by another best moment… 😆

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