[EF #4] Grab A Doraemon’s Tool

Though I realized that the Anywhere Door might sound very common and predictable choice, but that is exactly what I wanna grab right at this moment, if Doraemon appears before me… I have my personal reason for this. Lately I’ve been encountering some kind of terrible fear towards airplanes. It’s so frustrating and terrifying to the point that I refused to take any trips where a flight trip is a must, even to Indonesia!! The painful accidents of MH and Air Asia really left a notch in my mind.

Much to my husband’s dismay, the possibility of us not being able to visit our family this year freaked him out. He threw a tantrum like never before… But it doesn’t change my mind even a bit … Apparently those aircrafts’ accident were successfully destroying my brave mind to pieces.

Although we finally reach an agreement that consists of my hubby and abang go, and I and noni stay, but to be honest it will be so much fun if we can go together as a family… Therefore, if there is really an opportunity to grab any tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket, the Anywhere Door will be my perfect choice :).

Hopeless mind that wishes to be set free from this fears,


[A short note published for EF#4 Challenge: Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket]

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  1. Andik Taufiq says:

    another favourite item… 🙂

    1. I bet this is the most preferred item yaa…hehehe… 🙂

  2. Gara says:

    Yes, those accidents sure had left some trauma on our mind 😦
    Ah, I’m wondering whether I could have one, too… it would be very convenient, safe, and also cheap (it’s free, actually) :hihi.

    1. You are indeed right… Anyway, if by chance you get it first, do tell me where to buy it.. Okay??hehe…

      1. Gara says:

        Okay 🙂
        Let’s hope that someone will make and sell it someday :hihi

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