Arrivederci Milan

Well… finally…. we have to say: Arrivederci Milan!!!
We really want to come back there again some day because there’s still a lot more we’re not able to see.

But above all, we are pleased with the trip this time. We bring home a very nice memory, lots of stories, and bunch of (more than 700 hehe!!) pictures from Venice and Milan…
What a wonderful trip…

From Milan, Aug08,…

Again, we flew back home with Ryanair. And thanks again to mr. terorists, an Al-Qaeda-impact got us once again. When we went through the scanning machine, I was stopped by an officer because I carried on my bag a tripod. They didn’t allow my tripod to go in. It’s a tripod for camera. What do you think it is?? A weapon??? Gee…as quoted from Ross(Friends TVseries), why bad thing happened to good people??? hehehehe…
Because we didn’t want to have much trouble just because of the cheap tripod bought from Kijkshop, so we told them to throw it away if that pleased them. Thus, we went home minus tripod!!!…hahaha…what an unbelievable experience… :D

And we arrived at Weeze 15 minutes ahead of scheduled time. We were terrifying on the plane because the turbulence was really shockingly hard. But thank God, we arrived at Nijmegen safe and sound. And thank to Kak Era Ambarita and her husband who were so nice to fetch us up in Weeze.

We hope we have well presented the beauty of Venice and Milan from these stories. If not, you are welcome to take a look on our picturesgallery, and video.
Because we know, pictures speak louder than stories ^____^

Thanks for reading our travelogue.

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