Goodbye Venice and Welcome Milan …

The last day in Venice is today.
After an ‘okay’ breakfast at the hotel, we decided to walk from the hotel to the central station. No more vaporetto. We have rode it on the first day. Now we wanted to see another thing; the daily life of local people.

Because Venice is a small town, so getting around by walk is always an option. As this was our last day in Venice, so we took a different route. Not the route that we know but the route where we know are more with local people and less tourists.

It’s so amazing the beauty of daily live I could picture from my camera. I must thank Tedy for having this great idea about passing by these street. We were able to see the groceries sellers on the boat, people sitting together enjoying their coffee, here and there were artists tried to paint/draw something, etc. This was really good experience.
Fyi, I have it all posted on my photo gallery. You can visit it here.

Because today our big plan is to visit Lago di Como (Lake Como; the third largest, and the deepest lake in Italy), so we took an express train to Milan so early, though it cost us a bit more.

From Milan, Aug08,…

In Milan, again lucky us, our hotel is just about 200m from the Stazione Centrale (the central station). The central station is so big and grandiose. It’s like it’s not even a station, but more like a castle hehe. Too bad I forgot to take picture of that building :(

Right after we checked-in in Doria Grand Hotel, we quickly took off back to the Stazione Centrale. It’s Tedy’s most desire to visit Lago di Como. Thus, we didn’t want to be late. It was about 5pm. And after spending some times there in central station tried to find out how to get to Lake Como, we finally realized that we’re on the wrong station (haha!!!!)
A bit disappointed, we must admit…
So, to please ourselves, we went to the piazza Duomo, the famous piazza in Milan. We were sitting there in one of the cafes in piazza, drinking the Italian’s famous espresso while enjoying the view to basilica Duomo, the third largest cathedral church in the world.

Just on the right side of the basilica Duomo, there is a big and beautiful shopping gallery calledGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Behind of this gallery is where the statue of Leonardo da Vinci (Mr. da Vinci was born in and a resident of Milan), and the famous opera house named Teatro alla Scala (where its stage is one of the largest in Italy), are located.

Then, we took a walk through a street called Via Montenapoleone; where stores of many world famous designers in fashions are located along the street.

Well actually, I wanted to visit the famous San Siro. But you know what Tedy told me..??? “Sayang, I can’t visit San Siro. It’s like betraying my Juventus!!” So I said, “Well…do that for me then. At least let me have a picture of San Siro”. And he goes like this, “Well sayang, if you take pictures of San Siro, you betray me!!” Geee…honey…. Loving Juventus is not like loving you!! :P

So…, nothing much we did today.
After a walk in via Montenapoleone, we decided to go back to the hotel, to have some good rest for the tour on the next day.

A funny story for today;
We had our lunch and our dinner at the some restaurant; a Chinese restaurant behind the hotel haha!!! Indonesian is still Indonesian. Though we ate lots of spaggethi and pastas, still, our belly are so longing for rice and delicious spicy meat :D

Well… that’s for today…
To be continued…

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