Travelogue in Venice [day-2]

It’s day 2 in Venice.

We must tell you, navigating around Venice is quite difficult. Surprisingly, alleys are also considered main streets. So walking around this city is like walking inside a maze. It’s getting even more confusing because the Venetian is not used to addresses. They just recognized a name of district, in which they call it sestieri, and the house number. So for us, foreigners/travelers, it’s ridiculously difficult to get into a place just with the guide of an address.
Thank God, we both have a good sense of direction. So we got a lot of help from a city map (Who says woman can’t read map??? I can!!!!).

Venice is divided into 6 sestieri/districts; Cannaregio, Santa Croce, San Polo, Dorsoduro, San Marco, and Castello. San Marco sestieri is the place where a lot of historical places and touristics spots are located. Our hotel is in Dorsoduro sestieri. Dorsoduro is the sestieri where lots of art collections/galleries are located. Our hotel is just across the Accademia Gallery.

Our ultimate tour for the day is the San Marco Basilica. It is located in San Marco sestieri. The center of San Marco is called piazza (square) San Marco. One funny thing about Venetian, they like to use their own word instead of using the common Italian word. So, you may not find a sign called piazza but signs called campo instead. And that’s only one example from many :D

Basilica San Marco (San Marco church), is famous for its mosaics. With the help of lighting, the mosaics in the ceiling of the church is so stunning. If you plan to visit this church, try to get there during midday where they lit the church. The mosaics appear so beautifully. Lucky us we were able to see it; just only about 15minutes we’re inside and enjoying the mosaics, the lights went off.

What so marvelous about the mosaics is that it contains of very very tiny piece of coloured stones. We really can’t imagine how they constructed it. It must took a very long time, hard working, and patience in order to arrange those tiny stones into a beautiful mosaics. The interior of the mosaics illustrate the story from the Bible; from the story of Adam and Eve, up to the Christ’s ascension into the heaven.
Too bad visitors are not allowed to use cameras inside the basilicum. So, you just have to come and please yourself with the beauty of basilicum San Marco.

After enjoying the marvel of San Marco basilica, we went for a lunch. Surprisingly, we found an Italian ristorante where the cook and the waiter(ress) are Chinese. We went in with curiousity. Though the food was okay, we really hated that place because those Chinese waiter(ress) are so so rude. Never would we go back there again.

Not to let ourselves carried away by the iritating feeling from the Chinese’s Italian ristorante, we went walk to window shop in the shopping center of Venice. It’s so crowded with tourists. If you want to imagine the place, try imagine the Diagon Alley, only smaller :D

After the “kijken kijken maar niet kopen” (a Nederlandse expression of window shoping but not buying hehehe), we went back to the hotel to have some rest. (This is how we do this trip; we went out in the morning, went back to the hotel for some rests in the afternoon so that we have our power recharged, and went out again in the evening to catch the city at night).

In the evening, around 7.30pm, we got dressed so well up and went out to do one important thing: Gondoliere tour !!!

From Venice, Aug08…

Apparently, gondola is an expensive riding. The normal rate is 100dollar. Well of course it’s expensive. It is hand-crafted and costs the owner for about 10,000pound just to build a new gondola.
From the tour with gondola, we were able to see the city of Venezia from different angle. (Sstt… we also were able to see the house of Napoleon Bonaparte… hmm… it’s just an ordinary house compares to house of the governor of Manado hehehe…)

After the tour with gondola, we had our dinner on the trattoria. When dining out in Venice, you have to know that there is places called ristorante (a restaurant at high of price range), and trattoria (a small restaurant owned by a family). The unique thing about trattoria is that because it is owned by a family, so the recipes are sometimes a proudly heritaged family recipes.

But as tips for you, if you eat only Italian foods, like spaggethi, pizza, tagliatelle, pasta, risotto, etc, it doesn’t matter you eat in ristorante or trattoria. The price is quite the same; from 8euro – 15euro in average.
Surprisingly, water, coffee, beer, and kind of drinks you named it, are expensive. So, wisely make your choice. During the traveling around the city, you better buy a litre of mineral water in the supermarket instead of buying that in the kiosk or bar.

Something we must tell you is that Venice is the home-town of the great composer, Vivaldi. Therefore, if you like his pieces, your ear will get spoiled to hear in every cafe, every corner, every outdoor live musics, Vivaldi’s masterpieces sound everywhere.

After dinner, we went again to campo San Marco to taste the night life there. It was amazing. The basilica was beautiful with the spot lights. Cafes were so entertaining with their open-air live musics. It’s so good that the campo is large so that musics were not mixing from one cafe and another.

A funny story(s) for today:
We both are so in love with the way Italian speaks. Because we don’t speak Italian, so we created our own language that sounds like Italian. We add “O” at the end of every word. For instance when we did something silly, Tedy said “who care-o”. When he got nature call, I said “You go boker-o” ^___^

During the walk to San Marco, I was proudly wearing my new shoes until it hurt me so badly. Why new shoes always hurts??? I tried to ignore it but it was getting more painful. I couldn’t stand anymore so I decided to buy a flip flop in the first shop we could get. The funny thing was that the only flipflop that matched my size is in yellow color. Gee…. I wore red bag, with pink skirt, and must combined with yellow flipflop??? Oh my goodness…
But at the end, on the pictures took by Tedy, I looked like a girl from an Esprit catalogue. So colorful… Hahaha…

From Venice, Aug08…

When we had our dinner at a trattoria, at my third bite of the tagliattele, the waiter approached us and said that the food was mistakenly brought to us. So it was not meant to be for us. Gee…. though it was their mistake but we were so embarassed because all eyes were at us. Then they took the food away from us and brought the new ones that was exactly as we ordered. You know what… It turned out that the ‘mistake’ food was way more delicious than the one I ordered…. (I want that back !!!!  hahaha!!!… )

As in the story from Tedy, on the way back to the hotel, Tedy was really really in urge of nature call. We thought we could get to the hotel on time. But no! So we decided to stop by at the nearest ristorante we could reach so that Tedy could use their toilet. Of course after that we had to buy something.
To short the story, it was a very expensive toilet Tedy has ever used. We paid more than 30euro just for 2 cups of tea and a plate of calamari. Mamamiaaa….!!!

We end the day with happy face because we’re able to see the beauty of San Marco, and to taste the world’s famous romantic ride; Gondola.

Well…. that’s all for today…

To be continued tomorrow…

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