Travelogue in Venice [day-1]

It’s gonna be an exciting day, we know !!!

Our flight to Bergamo was at 14.30. But because we wanted to be rilex in awaiting, so we decided to leave home a bit early.
At about 10 a.m. in the morning we took off from home. Greatly thank to Ryanair, we had a good deal for a shuttle bus from Nijmegen to Dusseldorf (Weeze). Why Weeze?? Because the ticket price is a lot, and I mean it when I say a lot, cheaper compare to the ticket price if we travel from Schiphol.
Two iritating things happened to me in the Weeze airport; first, when I entered the boarding room, they didn’t allow me bringing my Spa mineral bottle. Hallooo…it’s just a mineral water. But I respected the rule of flying nowadays about not permitting any liquid to enter the cabin. So I threw my spa away. How iritating it was when I found out that the blonde girl behind me was allowed to bring her mineral bottle in, and even two bottles. Tedy said, “of course they won’t allow you, sayang… You are not white.. and you are not blonde..”
Gee….. I was soooo mad about that.
On just about 1 minute after that iritating incident, I was stopped by an airport officer because when I went through the scanning machine, it was beeping. I took out any metal things/accecories I was wearing, and it still went beeping. It got frustrating because when they asked me to take out my belt, it still went beeping. Finally, they did me a full body scanning by a female officer. It’s my Mango jeans that caused the beeping. There’s too many metal pins on that jeans. Tedy watched with a hard laugh me surrendered in the hand of that lady officer :D
Fiuuhhh… thanks a bunch Al Qaeda…, for making any flight trips become this embarrasing and annoying.

We arrived at Orio al Serio Internationl Airport Bergamo 5 minutes ahead from the schedule. From Bergamo we went directly to Venice, with a stop over in Breschia. Because we had to wait for about 1 hour for the train from Bergamo to Breschia, so we decided to had a nice coffee-break at a cafe in the main street of Bergamo. Later we found out that Bergamo is really a beautiful city. Maybe this could be our next destination one day :D

From Venice, Aug08…

We arrived in Venezia at around 05pm. Because Venezia is interestingly a city in a lagoon, so the main transportation is waterbus/boat. We kind of confused how to getting around with waterbus. It’s a bit iritating feeling because we both were bit tired. It’s even more unpleasent because we found out that it costs about 6euro per person for the waterbus. Luckily, two Korean girls approached us to offer their day-ticket of waterbus. Though we had to bargain, yet we end up closing the deal with 6euro for 2 tickets. We must thank this two ginseng girls for cheering us up… Kamsahamnida !!!! ^____^

Our hotel, Belle Arti Hotel, is located just 200m from a waterbus-stop. After we checked-in and had a few minutes relaxation, we went out to have a brief city sweeping and tried to get used on how to getting around the city.
We closed the day with a nice dinner in a restorante (I forgot the name hehe!) where I finally fell in love with Tagliatelle with clams and moussels.

Can’t hardly wait for tomorrow….
It’s gonna be romantically excited day !!! ^____^

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